Raising "quality" miniature golden retrievers since 2005

"Kokomo" English Cream Golden sire invaluable in our  English Cream Miniature Golden Retriever line.

As one of the original founders of the miniature golden retriever breed, we have had a great deal of "practice" making our lines "perfect".

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High percentage miniature "golden" retriever puppies is our specialty.
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Are you looking for the perfect all around family pet? Look no further....Our miniature golden retrievers have been used as service dogs, hunting dogs, hiking companions, sporting, agility, did I mention.....they are some of THE best family dogs available? If you are looking for something extra special....you just found it.

Consistently raising quality miniature golden retrievers of the perfect size for at least 7 years

Our  miniature golden retrievers have been consistent in size and temperament for many years now.

Of course we have been raising them for much longer as we are one of the original founders of the miniature golden retriever. It does take time to produce consistency and accuracy ("hint" size isn't everything) however, so that is always something to consider when searching for the right breeder. There are only a few out there that have that kind of time under their belt. I could list them here for you but that would be cheating! Enjoy your search and may you find the perfect miniature golden to suit your lifestyle.

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